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Children's Rooms


Home Offices

Storage Spaces

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Services offered

  • Phone consultation to determine ‘fit’ and services needed
  • Space planning using The Container Store’s elfa product line (closets, home offices, kitchens, storage spaces)
  • Repurposing spaces due to life events (new baby, growing kids, work from home, empty nest, elderly relatives moving in)
  • Setting up systems to achieve and maintain order
  • Help with moving/downsizing/relocating including packing/unpacking and organizing your new space
  • Research/personal shopping for organizational supplies
  • Help with purging (keep, donate, sell, trash)
  • Recommendations for estate sales

How I work

Scope of work

Assess needs; Define goals; Review how process works

Action plan

Design customized plan; Agree priorities, timelines, budget; Define tasks & responsibilities; Schedule resources


Group like items; Purge; Research, purchase, install supplies; Organize remaining items

Follow up

Check if goals met; Review maintenance plan; Define next steps

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